Blah Blah Minioren Club Meet Deel 1 10 november 2019

Blah Blah Minioren Club Meet
Geschreven door Omar

This was a competition that took place in the Groenhoven in Gouda. It was a big pool with 10 lanes. We were one of the smallest groups in the competition but that was okay. In the team we had 8 people in our group. The special thing at this competition, was that there was a party in the beginning of the competition for all the teams attending, it was an Olympic spirit! Every team had worked hard and prepared a banner or a 3D Olympic sign. We paraded enjoying the hurray’s and claps, a moment of fame 🙂

We only swam 7 PR’s, although we did not win any medals, but we did have some great improvements, we should be proud of ourselves.  Some of the major improvements were Aya at 50M butterfly with 11s, with 100M freestyle, I had an improvement of 11s (clap for me :)) Luca 7s and Daniel 5s. Well done guys, we will be even better next time round!

And now I pass the torch to………… Daniel.

Rest well, eat good, and train hard.

Best wishes,


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